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Table 2 Characteristics of patients with re-revision for reasons other than periprosthetic fracture

From: High survivorship of highly cross-linked polyethylene in revision Total hip Arthroplasty: a minimum 10-year follow-up study

Patient no.SexAge at revisionReason for revisionMethod of revisionAcetabular cup at revision (size)Acetabular liner at revision (thickness)Femoral head at revision (size)Acetabular cup inclination at revision (°)Acetabular cup abduction at revision (°)Months from revision to re-revisionReason for re-revisonMethod of re-revision
1M43Aseptic looseningCup revisionTrilogy (66 mm)Longevity (13.3 mm)Metal (28 mm)38.39.380Aseptic looseningCup revision
2F65Aseptic looseningCup & stem revisionTrilogy (48 mm)Longevity (6.2 mm)Ceramic (28 mm)44.012.56Recurrent dislocationCup revision
3F62Aseptic looseningCup revisionTrilogy (48 mm)Longevity (6.2 mm)Metal (28 mm)38.010.578Infection2 stage cup & stem re-revision
4M75InfectionCup & stem revisionTrilogy (64 mm)Longevity (12.3 mm)Ceramic (28 mm)36.48.51InfectionResection arthroplasty
5M56Aseptic looseningCup revisionTrilogy (56 mm)Longevity (8.3 mm)Metal (28 mm)49.113.050Infection2 stage cup re-revision