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Table 1 Critical appraisal instrument

From: Femoral prosthesis neck fracture following total hip arthroplasty — a systematic review

Domains Questions Answer
Selection 1. Does the patient(s) represent(s) the whole experience of the investigator (center) or is the selection method unclear to the extent that other patients with similar presentation may not have been reported?  
Ascertainment 2. Was the outcome adequately ascertained?  
Causality 3. Were other alternative causes that may explain the observation ruled out?  
4. Was follow-up long enough for outcomes to occur?  
5. Was there further analysis done to investigate the cause of fracture?  
Reporting 6. Is the case(s) described with sufficient details to allow other investigators to replicate the research or to allow practitioners make inferences related to their own practice?  
Overall score – or +/− or +