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Table 4 Spearman correlation between different OKS groups and SF-36

From: Reliability and validity of 3 different Chinese versions of the Oxford knee score (OKS)

SF-36 Group A Group B Group C
 PF −0.538a −0.406a −0.655a
 RP −0.479a −0.198 −0.263
 BP −0.724a −0.495a −0.565a
 GH −0.325b −0.123 −0.426a
 VT −0.050 −0.107 −0.311b
 SF −0.328b −0.438a −0.353b
 RE −0.097 −0.101 −0.272
 MH 0.189 −0.050 −0.286
  1. aCorrelation is significant at the 0.01 level (2-tailed), bCorrelation is significant at the 0.05 level (2-tailed), MCS Mental Component Summary, PCS Physical Component Summary
  2. PF Physical Functioning, RP Role Physical, BP Bodily Pain, GH General Health, MCS Mental Component Summary, including VT Vitality, SF Social Functioning, RE Role Emotional and MH Mental Health