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Table 1 Details of 6 patients with peri-prosthetic patella fractures

From: Peri-prosthetic trans-patellar fractures after Total knee Arthroplasty: a case series and review of literature

Case Age
Sex Side Implant Cause Association Surface TFITT (month) aType Treatment
1 68 F L Rotating platform PS knee Fall OA Re 2 II ORIF- CW + SE
2 65 F L PFC Sigma Fall OA NRe 23 II ORIF- SE + bracing
3 72 F R PFC Sigma + tibial stem RRC OA NRe 8 I ORIF – TBW + SE
4 64 F L PFC Sigma RTA OA NRe 24 I Cast
5 48 M L PFC Sigma No trauma RA Re 15 I Cast
6 69 M R PFC Sigma No trauma OA NRe 12 II ORIF – TBW + SE
Mean 64        14   
  1. RA Rheumatoid arthritis, OA Osteoarthritits, Re Resurfaced patella, NRe Non-resurfaced patella, RRC Rising from a chair, TFITT Time from injuries to treatments; aOrtiguera and Berry classification; ORIF Open reduction and internal fixation, CW Cerclage wiring, TBW Tension band wiring, SE Suturing with Ethibond