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Table 3 Quality assessment of case controlled studies comparing buried versus exposed Kirschner wire osteosynthesis for phalangeal, metacarpal and distal radial fractures using Newcastle-Ottawa Scale

From: Effect of buried vs. exposed Kirschner wire osteosynthesis on phalangeal, metacarpal and distal radial fractures: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Author groupSelectionComparabilityExposure
Adequae case definitinRepresentativeness of the casesSelection of ControlsDefinition of ControlsComparability of cases and controlsAscertainm-ent of exposureSame method of ascertainmentNon Response rate
AI-Qattan 20081111111
Mcquail 2015 [7]1111111
Rafique 2006 [19]1111111
Ridley 2017 [6]11111111
Terndrup 2018 [9]11111111