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Table 4 Clinical outcomes

From: Porous-coated metaphyseal sleeves and MBT implant for severe bone loss in revision total knee arthroplasty: a mean 2.4-year follow-up

TimeKSS ScoreHSS ScoreROMVAS Score
Before operation34.5146.6861.366.82
After operation69.6665.2590.375.32
One month73.4167.9098.235.19
Three months74.6470.6799.353.64
Half a year80.2577.10104.523.45
Latest follow-up83.8378.68107.813.09
  1. P The p-values, preoperative findings vs. the results of the latest follow-up, KSS Knee society score, ROM Range of motion, VAS Visual Analogue Score, HSS Hospital for special surgery knee score, ROM Range of motion