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  1. Few studies have investigated the association between obesity, preoperative weight loss and postoperative outcomes beyond 30- and 90-days post-arthroplasty. This study investigated whether body mass index (BMI...

    Authors: Natalie Pavlovic, Ian A. Harris, Robert Boland, Bernadette Brady, Furkan Genel and Justine Naylor
    Citation: Arthroplasty 2023 5:48
  2. Although favorable results have been reported with total hip arthroplasty, joint-preserving treatment should be the first choice for subchondral fracture of the femoral head (SFF) in young patients. This study...

    Authors: Keiji Otaka, Yusuke Osawa, Yasuhiko Takegami, Taisuke Seki and Shiro Imagama
    Citation: Arthroplasty 2023 5:46
  3. Popliteal tendon impingement (PTI) is an under-recognized cause of persistent pain following total knee arthroplasty (TKA). The purpose of the systematic review was to summarize and outline successful strategi...

    Authors: Michael A. Finsterwald, Victor Lu, Octavian Andronic, Gareth H. Prosser, Piers J. Yates and Christopher W. Jones
    Citation: Arthroplasty 2023 5:45
  4. The aims were to compare the survival of the cemented standard (150 mm) with the short (DDH [35.5 mm offset or less], number 1 short stem [125 mm options of 37.5 mm, 44 mm, 50 mm offset] and revision [44/00/12...

    Authors: Nick D. Clement, Liam Z. Yapp, Leo D. Baxendale-Smith, Deborah MacDonald, Colin R. Howie and Paul Gaston
    Citation: Arthroplasty 2023 5:47
  5. The usage of telemedicine and telehealth services has grown tremendously and has become increasingly relevant and essential. Technological advancements in current telehealth services have supported its use as ...

    Authors: Ka Yau Li, Ping Keung Chan, Shun Shing Yeung, Amy Cheung, Wai Kwan Vincent Chan, Michelle Hilda Luk, Man Hong Cheung, Henry Fu and Kwong Yuen Chiu
    Citation: Arthroplasty 2023 5:39
  6. Early postoperative pain following total knee arthroplasty significantly impacts outcomes and patient satisfaction. However, the characteristics and sources of early pain after total knee arthroplasty remain u...

    Authors: Kevin L. Mekkawy, Bo Zhang, Alyssa Wenzel, Andrew B. Harris, Harpal S. Khanuja, Robert S. Sterling, Vishal Hegde and Julius K. Oni
    Citation: Arthroplasty 2023 5:37
  7. Pre-operative alignment is important for knee procedures including total knee arthroplasty (TKA), especially when considering alternative alignments. The arithmetic Hip Knee Angle (aHKA) is a measure of corona...

    Authors: Tom Jan Gieroba, Sofia Marasco, Sina Babazadeh, Claudia Di Bella and Dirk van Bavel
    Citation: Arthroplasty 2023 5:35
  8. This study aimed to present and critically appraise the best available evidence investigating associations between some pre-defined patient-related characteristics and perioperative complications or other outc...

    Authors: Dimitris Challoumas, David Munn, Henrietta Stockdale, Nigel Ng, Michael McCormick, Tareq Altell, Shaheer Joiya, James Horton and Bryn Jones
    Citation: Arthroplasty 2023 5:34
  9. Artificial intelligence (AI) has become involved in many aspects of everyday life, from voice-activated virtual assistants built into smartphones to global online search engines. Similarly, many areas of moder...

    Authors: Andrew P. Kurmis
    Citation: Arthroplasty 2023 5:40
  10. This study aimed to compare the performance of ten predictive models using different machine learning (ML) algorithms and compare the performance of models developed using patient-specific vs. situational vari...

    Authors: Abdul K. Zalikha, Tannor Court, Fong Nham, Mouhanad M. El-Othmani and Roshan P. Shah
    Citation: Arthroplasty 2023 5:31
  11. Machine learning is a promising and powerful technology with increasing use in orthopedics. Periprosthetic joint infection following total knee arthroplasty results in increased morbidity and mortality. This s...

    Authors: Yuk Yee Chong, Ping Keung Chan, Vincent Wai Kwan Chan, Amy Cheung, Michelle Hilda Luk, Man Hong Cheung, Henry Fu and Kwong Yuen Chiu
    Citation: Arthroplasty 2023 5:38
  12. To ensure the success of total knee arthroplasty (TKA), precise bone cuts and a well-balanced soft tissue envelope are crucial. Soft tissue release may be necessary, subject to various factors. Therefore, docu...

    Authors: Nanchappan Selvanathan, Femi E. Ayeni and Rami Sorial
    Citation: Arthroplasty 2023 5:28
  13. In total knee arthroplasty, the normal kinematics of the knee may not be restored solely based on preoperative gait, fluoroscopic-based, and dynamic radiostereometric analyses.

    Authors: Pieralberto Valpiana, Stefano Ghirardelli, Rosa Susanna Valtanen, Salvatore Risitano, Ferdinando Iannotti, Christian Schaller, Karlos Zepeda, Michael Engl and Pier Francesco Indelli
    Citation: Arthroplasty 2023 5:29
  14. Difficulty kneeling following total knee arthroplasty (TKA) remains highly prevalent, and has cultural, social, and occupational implications. With no clear evidence of superiority, whether or not to resurface...

    Authors: Owais A. Shah, Christopher Spence, Deiary Kader, Nick D. Clement, Vipin Asopa and David H. Sochart
    Citation: Arthroplasty 2023 5:32
  15. Thirty-day readmission is an increasingly important problem for total knee arthroplasty (TKA) patients. The aim of this study was to develop a risk prediction model using machine learning and clinical insight ...

    Authors: Daniel J. Gould, James A. Bailey, Tim Spelman, Samantha Bunzli, Michelle M. Dowsey and Peter F. M. Choong
    Citation: Arthroplasty 2023 5:30
  16. The newly-designed alumina ceramic medial pivot total knee prosthesis was introduced to reduce polyethylene wear and better fit the anatomical morphology of the Asian population. This study aimed to clarify th...

    Authors: Hideki Ueyama, Shigeru Nakagawa, Yuichi Kishimura, Yukihide Minoda, Suguru Nakamura, Junichiro Koyanagi, Mitsuyoshi Yamamura and Yoshinori Kadoya
    Citation: Arthroplasty 2023 5:27
  17. Despite the increasing use of patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs), the methodology used to evaluate clinically significant postoperative outcomes after total knee arthroplasty (TKA) is variable. The revi...

    Authors: Zodina A. Beiene, Kira K. Tanghe, Cynthia A. Kahlenberg, Alexander S. McLawhorn, Catherine H. MacLean and Elizabeth B. Gausden
    Citation: Arthroplasty 2023 5:25
  18. Various episode-of-care bundled payment models for patients undergoing total joint arthroplasty have been implemented. However, participation in bundled payment programs has dropped given the challenges of mee...

    Authors: Laura A. Stock, Andrea H. Johnson, Jane C. Brennan, Justin J. Turcotte, Paul J. King and James H. MacDonald
    Citation: Arthroplasty 2023 5:26
  19. Extensive acetabular bone loss and poor bone quality are two key challenges often encountered in revision total hip arthroplasty. A new 3D-printed porous acetabular shell has been made available with the optio...

    Authors: Shahril R. Shaarani, Monketh Jaibaji, Khaled M. Yaghmour, Georges Vles, Fares S. Haddad and Sujith Konan
    Citation: Arthroplasty 2023 5:24
  20. The incidence of osteonecrosis of the femoral head is estimated at about 10 to 20,000 patients annually, and, when left untreated, 80% or more of cases progress to femoral head collapse. A series of joint-pres...

    Authors: Mitchell K. Ng, Andriy Kobryn, Ivan J. Golub, Nicolas S. Piuzzi, Che Hang Jason Wong, Lynne Jones and Michael A. Mont
    Citation: Arthroplasty 2023 5:23
  21. Surgical site infection (SSI) is a common cause of morbidity and mortality in patients undergoing surgery. Similarly, periprosthetic joint infection (PJI), is a major cause of failure after total joint arthrop...

    Authors: Saad Tarabichi and Javad Parvizi
    Citation: Arthroplasty 2023 5:21
  22. Intraoperative fluoroscopy (IFC) is gaining popularity in total hip arthroplasty (THA), with the aim to achieve better component positioning and therefore eventually reduced revision rates. This meta-analysis ...

    Authors: Yannic Lecoultre, Jan Danek, Ingmar F. Rompen, Bryan J. M. van de Wall, Pascal C. Haefeli, Frank J. P. Beeres, Reto Babst and Björn C. Link
    Citation: Arthroplasty 2023 5:20
  23. Although it is important to consider pelvic alignment and mobility in the standing and sitting positions before THA, it is not known how to preoperatively predict individual postoperative pelvic alignment and ...

    Authors: Hiroki Tanabe, Yasuhiro Homma, Naotake Yanagisawa, Taiji Watari, Seiya Ishii, Yuichi Shirogane, Tomonori Baba, Kazuo Kaneko and Muneaki Ishijima
    Citation: Arthroplasty 2023 5:13
  24. Approximately 23% of patients develop hip pain after total hip arthroplasty (THA). In this systematic review, we aimed to identify risk factors associated with postoperative pain after THA to optimize preopera...

    Authors: Bo Zhang, Sandesh Rao, Kevin L. Mekkawy, Rafa Rahman, Anzar Sarfraz, Lauren Hollifield, Nick Runge and Julius K. Oni
    Citation: Arthroplasty 2023 5:19
  25. Primary total knee arthroplasty (TKA) is a preferred treatment for end-stage knee osteoarthritis. In the setting of a failed TKA, revision total knee arthroplasty (rTKA) acts as a salvage procedure and carries...

    Authors: Fong H. Nham, Ishan Patel, Abdul K. Zalikha and Mouhanad M. El-Othmani
    Citation: Arthroplasty 2023 5:18
  26. This study described a minimally invasive approach for the management of early-stage avascular necrosis of the femoral head, which integrated arthroscopic intra-articular decompression and core decompression b...

    Authors: Quanbo Ji, Xiaoya Li, Song Luo, Lei Geng, Peng Ren, Ming Ni, Qingyuan Zheng, Peng Xin, Yan Wang and Guoqiang Zhang
    Citation: Arthroplasty 2023 5:17
  27. Total knee arthroplasty (TKA) is one of the most performed orthopedic procedures worldwide. While excellent efficacy has been reported, about 20% of patients are not satisfied with the result. A potential caus...

    Authors: Salvatore Risitano, Giorgio Cacciola, Marcello Capella, Francesco Bosco, Fortunato Giustra, Federico Fusini, Pier Francesco Indelli, Alessandro Massé and Luigi Sabatini
    Citation: Arthroplasty 2023 5:15
  28. Acute kidney injury (AKI) following total joint arthroplasty (TJA) is associated with increased morbidity and mortality. Estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) is used as an indicator of renal function. T...

    Authors: Kevin L. Mekkawy, Yash P. Chaudhry, Sandesh S. Rao, Micheal Raad, Raj M. Amin and Harpal S. Khanuja
    Citation: Arthroplasty 2023 5:14
  29. Excellent revisions about antibiotic-loaded bone cement (ALBC) have been recently published. In the present article, we review the principles and limitations of local antibiotic delivery in the context of rece...

    Authors: Marta Sabater-Martos, Miguel A. Verdejo, Laura Morata, Ernesto Muñoz-Mahamud, Ernesto Guerra-Farfan, Juan C. Martinez-Pastor and Alex Soriano
    Citation: Arthroplasty 2023 5:12
  30. Increased legalization of cannabis use across the United States has been correlated with increased cannabis use in the clinical setting. However, little is known regarding the characteristics and postoperative...

    Authors: Dalia Rahmon, Abdul Kareem Zalikha, Matthew Mazur, Inaya Hajj Hussein and Mouhanad M. El-Othmani
    Citation: Arthroplasty 2023 5:9
  31. The use of wound drainage following total knee arthroplasty (TKA) remains controversial. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the impact of suction drainage on early postoperative outcomes in patients who...

    Authors: Anton Maliarov, Nicholas Newman, Pierre Sabouret, Fidaa Al-Shakfa, Sami Chergui and Frédéric Lavoie
    Citation: Arthroplasty 2023 5:8
  32. There is currently no consensus regarding the optimal anesthetic technique for total hip and knee arthroplasty (THA, TKA). This study aimed to compare the utilization rates and safety of spinal vs. general anesth...

    Authors: Andre C. Ferreira, Chun Wai Hung, Ramesh B. Ghanta, Melvyn A. Harrington and Mohamad J. Halawi
    Citation: Arthroplasty 2023 5:7
  33. Patients with a high body-mass index (BMI) are at increased risk for significant complications after total knee arthroplasty (TKA). We explored whether operative time is a modifiable risk factor for infectious...

    Authors: Raman Mundi, Nicholas Nucci, Jesse Wolfstadt, Daniel Pincus and Harman Chaudhry
    Citation: Arthroplasty 2023 5:6
  34. Numerous total knee prosthetic implants are currently available on the orthopedic market, and this variety covers a set of different levels of constraint: among the various models available, a significant role...

    Authors: Gianluca Castellarin, Edoardo Bori, Laurence Rapallo, Silvia Pianigiani and Bernardo Innocenti
    Citation: Arthroplasty 2023 5:3
  35. Primary hip hemiarthroplasty (HHA) is frequently utilized to treat geriatric hip fractures, which are associated with significantly higher morbidity and mortality. While not particularly common, surgical site ...

    Authors: Arjun Gupta, John Shin, Dylan Oliver, Michael Vives and Sheldon Lin
    Citation: Arthroplasty 2023 5:1
  36. Posterior-stabilized (PS)-total knee arthroplasty (TKA) arose as an alternative to cruciate-retaining (CR)-TKA in the 1970s. Since then, it has become a popularly utilized TKA design with outcomes comparable t...

    Authors: Allan R. Sekeitto, Jance G. McGale, Liam A. Montgomery, Edward M. Vasarhelyi, Ryan Willing and Brent A. Lanting
    Citation: Arthroplasty 2022 4:53
  37. Custom acetabular components have become an established method of treating massive acetabular bone defects in hip arthroplasty. Complication rates, however, remain high and migration of the cup is still report...

    Authors: Suroosh Madanipour, Daniel Lemanu, Chethan Jayadev, Will Aston, James Donaldson, Jonathan Miles, Richard Carrington, Robert McCulloch and John Skinner
    Citation: Arthroplasty 2022 4:52

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